Wednesday, 22 November 2017

The Old House on Corporation Street

The opening of Yarborough Road in the 1880s and growth of housing in West Parade had a dramatic effect on traffic entering the northern part of the High Street.  The City Corporation took the decision to build a new road to join West Parade to the High Street and across to Butchery Street (now known as Clasketgate).  This road is Corporation Street.

Unfortunately, this once grand house stood in the way and had to be demolished.  It was a large, well-built house, originally enclosing three sides of a square, leaving the south side open; the east side, next to the High Street, had been altered over the years but the north and west sides remained comparatively unaltered. The main staircase was inside the north-west angle, and led up to large rooms on the first floor, in one of which, the one with a four-light mullioned window in the photo above, had some good oak panelling of early 17th-century date. The room with the seven-light window (three of which are blocked) of late Tudor date, was also large, and above all was a false roof running around the north and west sides. The east side was supported by three large buttresses and can be seen in the view, the centre one being the best and strongest.

The house was probably built as a private house and was about 50 yards north of Park Lane.  It is obvious from the photo that the house had suffered many years of neglect.

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